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WE > BFMS..sorrie


UGH!!! I fucken miss WE!! I cant fucken be myself at BFMS. Well techincally I act myself there,but there are some things that I like doing that everyone would think I’m stupid for. For one thing,I like shouting at people&&laughin,doin perverted-stupid shet,acting like a guy when I want to,not having to explain shet to people,be mature&&immature at the time,but most of all,be myself without anyone thinking I’m fucken mental. Mhm(; I like doin perverted-stupid-weird shet. I wanna fucken talk about anything without anyone saying “ewwwie”. I wanna have the same life as I did back at WE. At BFMS,itz just soo different&&so ugh idk. Maybe I’m just not used to it. But I wanna be with my old frennz. They understand me more&&they know everything!! Like wat to sayy to me or wat not. They’ve knwon me longer,too. They’re my family&&who wants to be awayy from their family? NO ONE. I miss them&&WE!!!

awwe abi! i loves yous! ill c-ya there next year tho!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!

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